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On Track to Success in 30 Days System for Experienced Agents
On Track to Success in 30 Days System for Experienced Agents Storefront

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On Track to Success in 30 Days System for Experienced Agents
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Re-Generate Your Career. Break Career Barriers

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  If you’ve tried working harder, you know the futility of doing that. Instead, this resource teaches you to work smarter. You’ll get invaluable insights into your own career, along with a 30-day re-generation plan.

How this Unique Resource Works

If you hired that $20,000 consultant, the first thing the consultant would do with you would be to analyze your business. And, that’s the first thing On Track does for you, too. Then, the consultant would provide you a plan of action. On Track does that, too.

Part I of the Resource - In the first 7 sections, we help you analyze each facet of your business, providing you hundreds of tips on how to break through those barriers to success to dramatically increase your income in 30 days.

Part II of the Resource - The 4-week re-generation plan to dramatically increase your results in 30 days. We show you exactly how to predict your success, how to track and interpret your sales numbers, and provide a complete, proven business plan model for you to follow.

Managers: See the coaching companion The Managers’ On Track to Success Coaching System for Experienced Agents (includes the above described agent resource and your manager’s coaching resource). Purchase additional agent guides for only $100 when you purchase 5 or more at a time.

CRS recently featured this resource as chosen product of the month (out of hundreds they recommend) for recommendation in this challenging market.

311 pages 3 Audio CDs 1 document CD

Here's What You'll Get

Training Scripts, Planning Pages, Sales Resources

This resource includes training scripts and letters to power up your leads and get you more sales faster. Section 9 has all your analytical and planning pages, so you can decide what’s most important for you to break through your career barriers AND apply the included 4-week intensive, exhilarating, effective re-generation business plan. Section 10 has resources for you to carry out your plan. A total of 280 pages of consultant advice!

Your Personal Coach

On 3 audio CDs, master coach Carla Cross coaches you with advice and motivation. There are even role plays to demonstrate best sales methods. Your ‘document CD’ includes 20 sales documents ready to customize, plus Excel spreadsheets to set goals and track your results.

Read More about this Resource…..

• Specific guidance on best lead generating strategies now—along with lead generating scripts and letters
• 20+ self-coaching tools to pinpoint exactly where you’re going right—and going wrong, to set your business on the right course to exceptional productivity
• Time analysis: a unique tool to figure out just where your time is going—and what to do about it
• An ideal time schedule to double your income in 30 days
• 10+ strategies to deal with sellers successfully in challenging markets
• A Survey to Sellers you didn’t list—so you get more ‘expired’ business
• 9+ strategies to work with buyers successfully in challenging markets
• The nationally-acclaimed buyers’ Home Information Form, to find out the secret, hidden motivations of buyers
• Evaluation tool to discover whether a buyer will pay off for you
• 8 motivational challenges and 8 solutions to re-energize your career
• 4-week re-generation lead generating plan designed for the experienced agent--proven to get you results in one month
• 5 ‘hidden’ sources of leads for the experienced agent—low-cost, effective—and you have no competition
• Motivation and inspiration—how to manage your attitude to handle rejection and toughen up for tough times
• Set your goals and measure your results with all the accountability tools you’ll need—on a ‘document’ CD (includes Excel spreadsheets)
• Manager’s tips on how to use this resource to coach your experienced agents with unrealized potential

I use the inspirational and attitudinal chapters from the On Track System to lead sales meetings. Our agents love it! In our challenging market, we need all the inspiration we can get! Cyd Gardner, #1 manager with Frank Howard Allen Realtors, Greenbrae, CA.
This should become an agent's bible from a nationally-recognized expert. Amy Dedoyard, top producer, Windermere Real Estate, Kirkland, WA
  I am a trainer with Prudential C. Dan Joyner, and I want to tell you how great the On Track products are. We had role-play sessions and fun participant learning activates to accompany each weekly objective. For some, what began as a class where they had to attend, ended with a 'WOW... I really learned a lot'. Thanks for the material, Carla! Dohn Bower, Director of Career Development, Prudential C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS
  Eleven of the twenty-two Realtors in our company are working through your "On Track to Success" program. It has been such a hit that two more want to join the group. The information you provide is excellent, and it is something that has already made a big difference in the way most of them do business. They have become more organized and more aware of what it really takes to be a successful Realtor. It has been especially valuable during this time of an economic recession. Thanks for providing this information--I highly recommend it! Donna Skelly, Broker/Owner, McAnaw & Co., REALTORS  

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