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Your Complete Power Listing System
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Your Complete Power Listing System

Price: $99.95
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List More Properties with Confidence!

Just updated with the latest National Association of Realtors survey results from buyers and sellers--so you can speak with credibility and evidence to get listings priced to sell.

Take a look at a short video I just created to show you the program--and give you 4 critical tips to create a great presentation.

This comprehensive resource is immediately downloadable (follow instructions at the bottom of your sales receipt). You'll get the complete tutorial (95 pages), plus 30 documents, forms, and checklists to use, ready to customize. You'll also receive the 2 PowerPoint presentations (total of 90 slides!) and the Topic Pages, to use to organize a hard copy presentation.

Great agents have created systems, and here is your complete sellers’ system, from the first time you talk with them on the phone, to after that listing sells. You’ll impress even the toughest sellers as professional, organized, and knowledgeable.

Are you competing for listings? If you are, you need to show why you're more professional than 'the other guy'. This will give you the evidence AND confidence to win more often! 

Much More than Just a Presentation 

Yes, this resource includes a 56-slide PowerPoint presentation, with dozens of pieces of evidence to price right, many from the newest Realtor statistics. (And, you'll get coaching in how to present each point). But, this resource is much more than just a presentation. It is also a complete tutorial on how to list right-priced properties to build a fantastic reputation. This system was built by master trainer Carla Cross, drawing on her years as a top agent—and her work with top agents nationally.

How to Establish Trust and Credibility 

Listing properties that sell isn’t just skill. It’s really about creating unassailable credibility. Carla shows you how to go way past words and illustrate and substantiate what you know to be true with visuals—powerful, sophisticated visuals. The result: You’ll educate, question, and probe like a seasoned ‘pro’ with the toughest sellers!

Resource Features 

PowerPoint Presentation 

Complete 56-slide PowerPoint presentation, all ready for you to customize.  This presentation is not from a company point of view. It spotlights YOU, because sellers want to choose you first, not the company. This system spotlights your value proposition, increases your credibility, and impresses sellers with your professionalism.

Hard Copy Presentation 

You may be one of those people who prefers a hard copy presentation. It’s here for you, too. 26 topic pages pages, all organized in the order you’ll want to present. This tool includes 25 forms and processes you’ll show sellers to prove you’re dedicated, organized, and systematic (they really, really want these traits in a real estate agent!)

More Features Provide a Complete System 

• 30 processes and systems, in detail, ready for you to apply to get right-priced listings
• Best, insightful questions for a pre-qualifying phone interview
• A list of the materials you need assembled and delivered before your interview to establish high credibility (pre-first visit package) --how many agents do you think actually have a pre-listing package? You'll stand out!
• A letter explaining how you’ll work with the seller
• A questionnaire to prepare you for the myths sellers believe
• Form: Information from Sellers interview form, so you ask the right questions and appear professional—and find out the sellers’ “secrets”
• 5-page home inspection checklist, to look and act professionally
• A unique worksheet to plan how to anticipate and defuse their objections
• • 2 worksheets: How to differentiate you and your company to prove you are ‘value-added’
• Open house checklist, to show you’re organized and ready to promote their home as an open house
• Preparing for an open house checklist, to show you’re a ‘pro’
• Open house report form, to show sellers how you communicate professionally
• 35-slide PowerPoint presentation to anticipate and defuse seller objections (use these as you need them)
• Seller’s activity report to prove your professionalism
• Letter to sellers about marketing their property
• Weekly seller market update form to prepare for any needed price reductions
• Seller marketing review form
• 21-point marketing plan, to show sellers why you’re worth your commission (who else will provide this evidence?)
• New listing checklist to prove to the seller that you’re marketing from day 1
• Market trends form to show seller the ‘big picture’ to get the price right
• Evaluate property sale ability form to assure you price properties to sell
• Price reduction agreement form
• Post closing survey form to gain referrals from sellers
• Survey to sellers you didn’t list
• Post sale marketing plan to gain referrals
• Five of the newest marketing concepts in this system
• Material to handle most common, tough objections
• Only here: the evidence you need to convince sellers to price right and anticipate/answer those tough objections


   This program provides the practitioner with the practical profit making program to place ethics in practice and positive passion for performance. Real estate for the real world. Harold Reed Coldwell Banker, Wallace and Wallace, Oakridge, Tenn.
   This resource is a complete proven system to differentiate your self from the competition and helps you get the listing at the right price! It focuses on a consultative approach to qualify the Seller and has all the tools needed to follow through to a successful close. Why re-invent the process when Carla Cross has spent years developing a great one for you! Spend your time meeting people and making money!   Dan Wingard, Keller Williams Realty, Bellevue, WA.
  I purchased your resource. I just want to let you know that I'm very pleased with the materials. You did a great job, the information is comprehensive and very well organized. The materials have really helped me (a newcomer to real estate) get a very good picture of what is involved, and what I need to do, and you also show me the steps I need to take. These are excellent materials for the newcomer to real estate, but also very good for the more experienced agent who needs to get better organized. Thank you!” Petra Lopez, Windermere Real Estate

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