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Up and Running in Real Estate
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Your Complete Buyer's Agent Toolkit
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Your Complete Buyer's Agent Toolkit
Part Number: 7e848JN63AaF
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Status: Available
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List More Buyers! The Coaching, System and Processes You Need for Buyer Loyalty

  Updated!  Now, all documents and audios are online for your immediate downloading! All documents are in Word or PowerPoint so you can customize them, except for the instructional outline (99 pages). 

Just updated! Now, too, with a bonus: Toolkit powerpoint slides to educate buyers with latest statistics.

Here’s the most up-to-date information available—plus 4 ready-to-use presentations for listing and working with buyers from top trainer Carla Cross and top buyer’s agent Dan Wingard. Some of these packages are new on the market right now! Just the checklists alone are worth thousands in time management and professional proof to you!

Updated ! Now, all documents and audio are online for your immediate downloading! All documents are in Word or PowerPoint so you can customize them, except for the instructional outline (99 pages).

Want audios online? They're here! So, you can download all the documents AND the audios and get immediate access.

(We can’t name names, but one very prominent instructor for the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) course told us this resource made the ABR course look puny!)

I just wanted you to know I purchased your Buyer Agent resource and I absolutely  love it!  It has made a big difference in getting my buyers to list with me.  I teach buyer counseling at our board for CE credit.  If my students want more information, I send them to your web site.  Thank you for all your great help.

Dianne Scalza
Licensed Associate Broker
Netter Real Estate, West Islip, NY

If your commission rates are being threatened, if you’re having trouble closing buyers, if you’re having difficulty getting buyer loyalty, step up to the sales strategies and systems to provide “value-added” services explained here. In this challenging market, your success with buyers can increase your income dramatically!

The Complete Buyer Agents tool kit is perfect! I was able to use it with ease right away. The checklists and especially "Your guide to purchasing a Home" were very impactful on a new buyer I recently met. I am so glad I invested in this invaluable resource.
Thank You,
Xavier Bryan, Newport News, VA.

In this Resource:

• 24 slide PowerPoint presentation for buyers, ready to customize (for your buyer's presentation)
• Over 20 checklists, processes and systems for you and your team—a great tool for the agent with assistants and buyers’ agents
• Role plays on audios demonstrate the unique “consultative” process here to gain buyer cooperation, loyalty, protect your commission rates
• 3 buyer packages to create “value-added” services (they’ve never seen anything like this!)
• Pre-Appointment Package: checklist with all the information you need to create a dynamic package, plus 6 other forms, downloadable and customizable
• 40 page Guide to Purchasing your Home, for the buyer, ready to customize—to prove your value
• Agent’s buyer presentation guide, including a tutorial for you, so you’ll be a master presenter (you’ve never seen something like this)
• The Home Buyer’s System: a 9-page guide for the home buyer to use during his buying process—added value to the buyer for working with you
All agent checklists in Word
Several customizable documents as 'fill-in' word forms (after sale survey and buyer information form, among others)

I received my copy of The Complete Buyer’s Agent Toolkit the other day and I wanted you to know how impressed I am with it. I am finishing my first full year as a second-career real estate agent (after 30 years with the federal government).  I got my license the end of February 2004 and I spend most of the remaining year getting started; web site, email, business cards, creating newsletters, going to classes, etc.  Everyone said I needed a business plan.  Every book I read said I needed a business plan.  However, no one showed me how to create one.  I bought your The Real Estate Agent’s Business Planning Guide.  I was on my way.  I recommend it to all of the newer agents in the office.

What does this have to do with The Complete Buyer’s Agent Toolkit?  I already had  hard copy buyer’s and seller’s presentation binders.  I liked my buyer’s binder but found it did not sparkle.  It was ho-hum.  But I did not know how to improve it.  Then I got your advertisement email.  I debated for several days because of the cost.  But I knew I needed help and your Real Estate Agent’s Business Planning Guide helped me so much before I decided to take a chance. I am glad I did.  I have been busy the last several days putting my three binders together with comb bindings.  Knowing I have a system is bolstering my confidence to work with buyers in the future.  

Thanks a bunch,
Jerry Semler
Big Hill GMAC Real Estate
Dayton, Ohio

More features;

• Introductory Letter to prospective buyer
• Your resume/biography form to create appreciation for your background
• Press release template to market your services
• Creating your Mission form to focus your efforts
• 4-page Buyer’s Home Information Questionnaire to assure you ask the right questions to discover buyer’s motivations
• The Showing Worksheet form to impress buyers with your organization
• The Preview Worksheet form to impress buyers with your professionalism
• Agent’s offer preparation process and checklist to use with buyers to increase your value
• Agent’s offer strategy worksheet—to make you a master negotiator
• Transaction process checklist after mutual acceptance
• Agent’s transaction detail worksheet
• After Sale Survey to find out how you did, and create referral business
• Bonus: Interview with a top buyer’s agent on the audio CD

I have been teaching Buyer Agency since 1990. This is the most complete material to fully train an agent in the field of buyer representation. What a great resource! Marcie Roggow, Senior ABR/M (Accredited Buyer’s Agent designation) Instructor, Train the Trainer for ABR instructors since 1996, REBAC Hall of Fame. Marcie is the leading Realtor authority/instructor for Buyer Agency.
I am a new agent. My manager let me look through "The Complete Buyer's Agent Toolkit" that was just completed and it's absolutely AWESOME!! This is exactly what I need to "pull it all together" in order to benefit my clients and give my new business a sound foundation. Best regards! Russ Sorkness,, Kent, WA

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