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Marketing YOU
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Marketing YOU
Part Number: 7e848JN63AaF
Price: $59.95
Status: Available

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Create your Brand. Establish your Credibility. Inspire Trust and Confidence.

How do you figure out how to stand out from the crowd?Marketing YOU will coach you to find your 'uniques'. If you're having confidence challenges in this market, you need this resource. It will build your self-confidence and help buyers and sellers choose you. A 'must' for newer agents; an invaluable tool for seasoned agents getting back into the game.

This is an Ebook resource and downloadable audios. Nothing is mailed to you. You will receive information on how to download this eBook and the audios at the bottom of your order receipt. Download the program as you order and get the information immediately! Downloads expire in 72 hours.

Special for Managers: Two training sessions included to help you help your agents gain the confidence to overcome that call reluctance.

Now, a complete marketing tutorial from master sales trainer Carla Cross to teach you exactly how promote yourself, raise your confidence, get loyalty, and get the commissions you deserve!  Create the YOU that you want your clients to appreciate. EVERY agent needs this to survive and thrive in shifting markets! You can’t brag, but you absolutely must show potential clients why they should work with you—and do it fast!
  • The rock-solid process to differentiate yourself from the ‘pack’ (one of the hardest things an agent has to do)
  • Carla teaches you the process to find out exactly what’s special about you—and how to promote it without ‘bragging’ (you’ll be surprised at the hidden talents you find you possess, and that clients WANT!)
  • 125  items to put in your Portfolio (you’ll never run out of ideas!)
  • How to best arrange your Portfolio—and the ‘stationery’ to make it look professional                                
And, the latest trends to create added value:
  1. The six attributes of a value-added agent of today—and how to prove you are one to demanding clients.
  2. The 4 actions value-added agents take daily. New competition means agents must be much better at proving they are ‘value-added. Here’s exactly how to do it.
  3. For managers: 2 complete training series. Carla shows you how to use this resource as a training tool. Raise the productivity and retention in your office—guaranteed!
 89 pages of tutorial and audio tips from sales expert Carla Cross

Bottom line: Banish call reluctance and raise your self-confidence to get ‘loyal for life’ clients!

Thank you, Carla, for creating the resource which contains the Professional Portfolio. I used it for the 1st time and it landed me a buyer/seller on the first handout. It's great! Pat Becker, Coldwell Banker Success, Phoenix, AZ.

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