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Your Blueprint for Selecting Winners
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Your Blueprint for Selecting Winners
Part Number: 7e848JN63AaF
Price: $79.95
Status: Available

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A Professional Planned Interview Process to Choose more Winners!

All updated with new information, more processes, and a video to show you how to use 'crystal ball' interview questions!

This is a digital program--nothing is shipped to you. After you order the program, you will receive instructions at the bottom of your order confirmation on how to download this resource and watch the video.  
  Please download immediately.

Most interviewers just ‘wing it’. No wonder it’s difficult to pick winners! Now, here’s a system—a blueprint—for the interview process. You’ll even get a ready-to-use ‘cheat sheet’ to use each time your interview, to assure you stay on track and discover those candidates' secrets. If you want to hire discriminating agents who can hack it in this market, you need a planned, practiced, professional interview/selection process.

You can use Carla's forms and processes 'as is' or customize your own. Don't waste time interviewing and 'losing'. Gain that professional edge now.

Just wanted to drop you an email and say thanks for the help.  Your program and literature is an outstanding value..  I have digested the E-book Your blueprint for selecting winners, and have applied the program.   Furthermore, I am in the middle of studying and working through "The Complete Recruiter".  I'm still studying The Complete Recruiter, but have started my selection and recruiting program.. I do have a strategic plan and program for this phase of our business.  I have already added one outstanding experienced Realtor and based on the needs / behavior predictor questions (you had suggested) used the kick out process to eliminate two experienced Realtors who wanted to join our company!
Recruiting is my main emphasis at the present time!   I have eliminated several Realtors from our office and what a great difference it made for the Realtors I have who really want to work!  
Thanks again!
                                                                  Bill Campbell, Manager, Charles Burt Realtors

  In this resource:

• Getting laser focus on who should—and shouldn’t—be a candidate for you
• The screening process you need prior to getting them into your office
• Phone pre-screening questions to save you time
A pre-screening process to delegate to your assistant to save you time
What gen x and y are looking for so you can fine-tune your approach
Best interview questions to absolutely predict their success (or lack of it)
A video to show you how to create, phrase, and ask those 'crystal ball' questions
• Organization and content of your process so you stay on track and appear as professional as you’d like to be—guaranteed to impress candidates
• The 8-step interview process the most successful businesses in the world use (keep it on your desk!)
• Systems: The 4 professional packages you need to stay organized and impress winners

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