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Up and Running in 30 Days--5th edition
Up and Running in 30 Days--5th edition Storefront > Agent Resources
Up and Running in 30 Days--5th edition
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Up and Running in 30 Days--5th edition! Great New Updates!

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This new agent’s business start-up plan is so detailed and comprehensive, most real estate professionals would term it a ‘business plan’. Yet, it’s directed to the new agent, because it provides specific guidance in lead generation, marketing, technology, social media, and sales skills to become an exceptional agent—fast.

New in this 5th Edition:

Updated list of technology and marketing resources so new agents have dozens of resources at their fingertips
Updated list of technology trainers, so agents have additional resources to call upon
Updated real estate trends so the new real estate agent will understand his new profession and its opportunities and challenges
Advice from successful newer agents who are working in these markets
Advice from coaches/industry experts working in these markets to help new agents succeed in this competitive market
Information from new studies (from the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Members and Survey of Buyers and Sellers) and Inman Select, for example, on the onboarding process (too many times onboarding is not given enough emphasis in real estate offices and new agents fail to ‘hit the ground’ running)

Advice on working the market you’re given—whether it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market

At the end of your four weeks, an evaluation for you to complete. What are you proud of? What do you want to keep working on? Evaluate yourself on your activities and attitude, and plan your next 6 months in the business. See the end-of-program evaluator in Unit 7.
At the end of your four weeks, a template to create a 60-day plan to extend your success with the Up and Running principles. See Unit 7. This is a great value to coaches who are supporting their new agents’ success, so they can extend their start-up plans until they are ‘unconsciously competent’.

  (This program is also excellent for seasoned, challenged agents to get them back on track to success).

Highlights of Up and Running in 30 Days:
  • The 4 best lead generating sources for new agents—and how to contact and convert them to clients
  • A prioritized lead generating plan to provide focused guidance to the new agent
  • A detailed business start-up plan, with the conversion rates for leads to listings to sales, so new agents know exactly the work it takes to reach their goals
  • 7 critical sales skills with scripts and dialogues, including: How to convert the Internet lead to a trusting client
  • A detailed guide to following up with the Internet lead, so you can capture and keep more Internet leads as loyal clients
  • A detailed dialogue for contacting the Internet lead and getting a client, so you can convert an Internet lead to a client
  • The technology a new agent needs right now—with a technology planner, so you can be prepared to create a large business quickly
  • A sample marketing plan, including social media, complete with marketing budget, so you can focus on capturing and keeping clients with systems
  • A social media planner for the new agent, so you can create exceptional marketing habits from day one of your career
  • An expanded 4-week plan with detailed weekly, prioritized checklists to follow with social media included, so you can stay focused on lead generation, lead follow-up, and lead closing
  • A completed sample start-up plan, marketing plan, with social media, and budget for the new agent, to provide guidance to you to stay on the sales career path to sales quickly
  •  Specific, detailed dialogues for lead generating sources
  • The impact of 9 new trends agents must recognize—and how agents can harness these trends to jump-start their careers, so you can foresee industry changes and optimize them in your business plan

Canadian clients: You will be charged an additional Canadian government tariff, in addition to the regular UPS shipping charges from Carla Cross & Co.

Want training and coaching to your business start-up plan?  Up and Running in Real Estate, my online training/coaching course puts Up and Running to Work for you. This program also has a coaching component for your manager (or other coach) with all the support you need to get a great career in 8 weeks!


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