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Objection Busters for Buyers
Objection Busters for Buyers Storefront > Agent Resources
Objection Busters for Buyers
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Never be stumped by an objection again!

In just a few minutes, you can learn to handle and master the most common—and tough-- buyer objections. Using our colorful flashcards, read specifically scripted effective answers. Learn how to craft your own ‘objection buster’ with an easy to grasp AAA method, designed by top producer and master trainer Carla Cross, CRB, MA. Gain verbal power and supreme confidence. On the accompanying audio CDs, hear answers to those objections--role played so you can listen in your car—anytime—and learn.

In Buyer Objection Busters

72 colorful flashcards have scripts for you, to make learning fast and fun.
16 detailed scripted answers are written out for you—to the most common buyer objections. Hear actual role plays on the audio CDs of answers to the most common objections:

I am ‘just looking’.
I want to look on my own.
I have other ads to call on.
I want to wait to buy until home prices go down.
I have a friend in the business.
I want to meet at the home for sale.
I don’t have time to make an appointment.
I want to make a low offer.

Managers: Are your agents having challenges with these tough buyers and sellers? Want a great training tool for your agents? Purchase the complete objection busters package (buyers, sellers, and recruiting) and get a 14-page skills training workshop, complete with facilitator guide.

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