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Train the Trainer--distance learning 15 clock hours $249
Train the Trainer--distance learning 15 clock hours $249 Storefront > Trainers' Resources

Train the Trainer--distance learning 15 clock hours $249

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A ‘Train the Trainer’ Course—on Steroids!
Distance Learning 15 Clock Hours in Washington State

This course is $249 per person. There is no price in this shopping car. Please register at the course site:

Register here:

Discounts when You Register 2+ People at Once

Register 2-5 and receive a 10% discount

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Register 11+ and receive a 30% discount

Have 5 or more people you want certified at once? Look at my hybrid version here. Same clock hours, same curriculum, same certification, and you get 4 Zoom sessions with me. Plus: A bonus--virtual teaching tips.

This distance learning course fulfills the requirements to become a clock-hour approved instructor in Washington state. It has the same curriculum as my 'live' course, Instructor Development Workshop. (See the 'live' course and schedule here.)

Instant access:  The course is now in course software. It's easy to use! Same curriculum, just streamlined delivery. 

Register here:

If you're ordering for someone else: Please note that as you order.

After you register, a bonus: You'll get a welcome email with a link to my tips on making a killer introduction. 
Don’t just take a course to qualify as an approved instructor in Washington state—get the dozens of skills, along with ready-to-use forms and examples—you need to create training programs, outlines, and presentations—even resources for creating a training program. This is the resource you need to propel your office past the challenges of the market and into profitability.

Included in this resource:

 Your Action Plan (so you can help attendees capture major points and apply them--a great learning tool)
 Worksheet: Creating a Persuasive Presentation
 Diagrams: How to Prepare the Room for Optimum Learning
 Reflection Time: The Questions to Ask to Assure they Learned
 An Effective Model for a Skill-Building Workshop
 Worksheet: Creating a Training Workshop
 Presentation Survey Form
 Presenter Evaluation
 Sample Attendance Record
 How to Submit a Course to Departments of Licensing
 How to Become an Approved Instructor

7 examples of training tools, including

 Detailed outlines of Training Workshops
 Samples of a skill-building workshop: Both student and facilitator
guides (5 pages of detailed facilitator and student guides)
 Curriculum of a skill-building training program
 Curriculum of a ‘technical’ series training program
 Example of a skill-building Evaluator
 Reflection Time questions
 Example of a New Agent Training Calendar

Note: You have 6 months from your date of purchase to finish the course. After that, renewal rates apply.

Watch a Sneak Preview in the course software here.

Written by National Realtor Educator of the Year, Washington Realtor Educator of the Year and former master CRB instructor Carla Cross, this course material has been chosen as ‘best of its’ kind, and recommended by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers.

I really enjoyed the organization of the information and the templates for creating workshops on my own.  I learned a great deal about different learning styles and ways to enhance retention.  I think the resources in the back will be invaluable when preparing to write and submit a course for approval. Albie Moshcatel, Manager, John L. Scott, Renton, Wa.

Hello Carla! First, I learned a bunch from your course! I really appreciated your dedication and thoroughness in putting it together. As I said in my testimonial, I have been effectively persuading groups from stage for a long time and I came away from this class with strategies I am really excited to implement as I only want to be better with each and every presentation… you’ve convinced an old dog that some new tricks are in order!      Tom Griffith, CEO, Making Better Happen

This is a well written program that I enjoyed taking. This training just completed will be timely for me in our development of learning objectives, and module “methods of delivery” and will add value to our program development at and its work.
John Thomas, Executive Director, Washington Onsite Sewage Association

I want to thank you for the excellent seminar. I have been a trainer for a large portion of my business career and it is somewhat disconcerting when I find out that I could have been more effective if I had known the principles and guidelines presented in this home based seminar. The seminar provided information that I will refer to throughout the balance of my career. I enjoyed, not only the information, but also the well thought out process as well.
Sincerely, Steve Dick National City Mortgage

Great job! Enjoyable and challenging. The best thing I got from the workshop is what is needed for a good training workshop.
Carolyn Mackay, Real Estate 2000 Corp., WA.

Wonderful presentation and content and very practical application so we can apply skills.
Melody Cahill, Exit Northwest Realty, Olympia, WA.

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