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Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won't Teach You in Pre-License School
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Up and Running in Real Estate
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What They Don't Teach You in Pre-License School
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What They Don't Teach You in Pre-License School
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What They Don't Teach You in Pre-License School

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Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about real estate as a career--and how to launch a successful one. This is an eBook--get immediate access!.

From interviewing literally thousands of would-be agents, I've found two things:

1. There's lots of information would-be agents need to make the best decisions for them
2. There's just as much BAD information out there!

So, I wrote this book to give you the facts--without trying to sway you to 'that' company or sell you on real estate as a career--if you really will hate it!

This is the one eBook you need to answer all your pre-license and post-license questions.

 Order NOW and get  an invaluable checklist to launch your career:  30 Things to Do Right Now to Hit The Ground Running (while you're in pre-license school).

Click here to see an introductory video on What They Don't Teach You.

  • How to decide if real estate is the right career for you
  • How to determinate absolutely if you’re a ‘salesperson’ type and will love selling real estate
  • What they don’t tell you to do during pre-license --to hit the ground running
  • The 5 most important interview questions to ask to choose the right situation for you
  • The technology you need your first day in the office
  • Plus, answers to 100 other ‘new agent’ questions
 Sure. There are lots of books on how to sell real estate. But, there’s no other book that gives you advice and guidance before you commit to real estate as a career. That’s What They Don't Teach You reveals. Plus, this book gives you guidance from your first week in the business through your first few months in the business. 

  • Whether you have the ‘profile’ of a successful real estate agent—and whether you’re going to love—or hate—selling real estate
  • How to get ready to sell lots of real estate while you’re still taking your pre-license course
  • How to absolutely match your goals with the right office for you so you don’t make the wrong choice
  • The 10 secrets brokers won’t tell you in the interview—and the questions that reveal them
  • 5 attributes of the manager you’ll love—and get the most from
  • What a successful real estate agent does in a business day (so you can check your ‘gut’ and see if you’ll like this job)
  • The most important technology you’ll need on the first day of your new career
  • What to do the first week you’re in real estate to assure you launch a successful career
  • The start-up business plan that puts you far ahead of the pack
  • How to handle those personality clashes as a new agent
  • The 4 fatal mistakes new agents make that doom their careers
There are two documents here. The text for reading on your computer or iPad is titled prelicenseebooktext.pdf. Download this pdf to read on your computer or iPad. 

The Kindle version/link has the mobi extension. (this is the first edition).

If you are considering going into Real Estate or you are new to the industry, Carla's book is an absolute necessary tool. This should not leave your side as you are learning the ropes! Imagine cutting down on the learning curve and going straight to results. Follow her plan and you will.

Tricia Andreassen, CEO/Founder of Pro Step Marketing
Certified Executive Coach with Concentration on Team Development, Brand Management, Lead Generation and Strategic Marketing
Author, Speaker and Strategist to top Real Estate Teams and Real Estate Organizations,

Author Carla Cross has interviewed and started hundreds of real estate agents to successful real estate careers. From her experience, she’s learned what pre-license schools can’t or don’t tell pre-license students—critical things the future real estate careerist needs to know to hit the ground running. That’s where this book came from—Carla’s discoveries about the lack of information interviewees had about the realities of a real estate career.  And, by the time they were hired by a real estate company, it was really too late to launch careers right.
Give yourself the advantage of preparation and knowledge so you’ll truly lit the ground running to a very successful real estate career.
  Carla’s done it again! Her new book What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School includes a lot of the great stuff that Carla has learned and taught during her career in real estate, and a lot of new things that were not even issues for agents starting out just a few years ago. Her chapter Nine Hot Real Estate Trends includes some great advice on technology and social media, including some very important ‘what to watch for’ tips to help newbies keep from drowning in all the latest stuff.  I’d recommend this book for every agent, regardless of how many years they’ve been around the track because we’re all working in a very new business environment these days!

Charles Dahlheimer, publisher of The Real Estate Professional magazine and The Real Estate Executive Summary.  

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