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The Ultimate Real Estate Trainer's Guide
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The Ultimate Real Estate Trainer's Guide
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Create Professional Training       Become a Master Trainer

About this resource: The resource outline, handouts, and audio CDs now are all digital, so you get instant access. Your download instructions are in your order receipt.

Every broker knows he/she needs training in her office, but, it can be an overwhelming task to create it, organize it, and teach it. Now, you have a resource that takes you right through the steps to create a dynamic, competitive training program.

164 pages/4 audio CDs in this invaluable resource!

Sharpen Your Training Program to Get Results and Recruit

Don’t just settle for ‘cobbled-together’ training. Sharpen your training with hundreds of strategies and examples to make your training program a stand-out—and recruit like mad.

‘Hire’ the Consultant Who’s Written Training for Top Companies

Carla Cross, CRB, MA, former master level CRB instructor and a National Realtor Educator of the Year, created the largest training program on the West Coast. She’s written training programs for some of the largest international franchises.

Become a Skilled, Confident Presenter

Having trained thousands of real estate trainers, Carla knows how to make it easy, fun, and effective. She’ll teach you great training skills, plus, how to organize and give a training workshop and a persuasive presentation.

Inside this Resource

Step-by-Step How To Train

Learn the 6-step process to create a great workshop, so you can create your own training workshop. Grasp the 3-part process to create a persuasive presentation to motivate your associates. You’ll get the most common mistakes trainers make—and how to avoid them.

30 Checklists and Outlines

Over 30 documents, checklists, and outlines you can immediately use with confidence, including

• A ‘cheat sheet’ to put together a workshop in 10 minutes
• 2 ready-to-use teaching outlines
• An example of a student outline and a coordinating teaching outline (use as a guide to submit your outline to your Dept. of Licensing)
• 28 speaker’s tips
• Example of a training calendar
• A student evaluation form
• How to get students to attend: An effective marketing flyer
• 10 minute system to create a 1-3 hour training session—one that works!
• Worksheet: How to create an in-office workshop
• 5 methods to build in student accountability and measurable results
• 6 ways to lose your ‘stage fright’
• 6 ways to keep the audience’s attention
• 10 methods to ‘control troublemakers’ in your audience
• 15 forms, systems and processes to create better training
• How to assure they’ll participate in your training session
• How to build learning theory into your practical workshops
• How to avoid talking through an hour
• Attributes of effective new agent training
• Attributes of effective experienced agent training
• How to ‘time’ your presentations so you end on time
• The 6 steps to build a workshop
• What to do when they’re not paying attention
• What to do when you’re out of time
• How to control the student who dominates questions
• How to utilize your agent talents in your training program
• A post-workshop trainer’s evaluation
• How to use role play the right way
• 5 ways to teach instead of lecturing
• The positives and pitfalls of each teaching method
• The coaching feedback loop, to motivate your students
• 28 tips for speakers
• Worksheet: attendance record
• Sample article to promote your workshop
• Sample flyer to promote your workshop
• Career Life Cycle: How to figure out who to train and the training you need
• Agent survey to discover training needs
• Your training calendar evaluator
• An example new agent training calendar
• An example of experienced agent training: The Masters Series
• How to find presenters
• How to design and present a panel discussion
• How to evaluate your training program
• 10 most common training program mistakes

  You make setting up a workshop seem manageable. Your step by step and hands on approach is outstanding. It was great! Heather Macy, Owner, Olympia Real Estate, Olympia, Washington
  The most important thing I got from the program was the six step outline of how to put together a workshop/class that really works. I would recommend the program to others, because it provides you with the path to presenting a successful workshop and in general how to make better and more effective presentations. Greg Asvestas, Team Leader, San Antonio Keller Williams Realty
  I want to thank you for the excellent seminar. I have been a trainer for a large portion of my business career and it is somewhat disconcerting when I find out that I could have been more effective if I had known the principles and guidelines presented in this home based seminar. The seminar provided information that I will refer to throughout the balance of my career. I enjoyed, not only the information, but also the well thought out process as well. Steve Dick National City Mortgage
  Personality, professionalism, and knowledgeable. What more could you ask? The most valuable idea I learned and will immediately use is how to organize a workshop. C. Ray Dotson, John L. Scott
  Eye opening experience – about the difference in teaching and training through experience & small successes” Gary Richey, operating partner, Keller Williams Realty
  I think this comment from a team leader sums it all up... ‘The knowledge & skills are absolutely a must if we are going to continue to expand and heighten the level of training we do across the board. We need more fantastic trainers like Carla.’ Kathleen D. Pfister, Regional Operations Manager North Texas/New Mexico Region Keller Williams Realty

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