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The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional
The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional Storefront

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The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional
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What’s your Plan?

Purchase the complete business planning system for 1/2 price this month!

In a competitive fast-moving market, you’ve got to have a strategic, proven plan! But, this comprehensive resource has much more than just forms to fill in. This is a true strategic planning system, suitable for the multi-million dollar producer as well as the agent with one year in the business.

(New agents: Your business plan is Up and Running in 30 Days.)

Gain a Business Coach, Too

Forms, advice, and training included from an expert.

Carla Cross, CRB, MA, gives you a complete “tutorial” on 2 audio CDS on how to make a strategic business plan to reach your real estate goals. Who better to advise you? After all, she wrote the only internationally published book on real estate planning for agents, wrote the CRB (Certified Real Estate Broker) course to teach managers how to coach agents in their plan, and taught CRB courses, including Strategic Planning, for 12 years.

Proven ‘in the field’. Cross created and refined this plan, working over a decade with top agents across the nation. You will be able to create a plan that you can truly follow to success—it’s impossible not to using Carla’s fail-safe method.

Resource Features

3rd edition, with new planning worksheets, 170 pages in the resource; includes 4 interactive Excel spreadsheets to set and track your business; 2 audio CDs train you, plus 1 ‘document CD’ with 22 critical planning pages ready to use.

This exceptional seasoned agent’s resource includes advice on how to evaluate your strategic business plan, including:

• 21 areas to watch for in your strategic business plan
• 22 common mistakes agents make in their business plans
• 22 worksheets on hard copy and document CD to easily create your plan
• 5 most important worksheets to measure your plan success and make adjustments

44 additional checklists, planning pages, processes, and systems included here. Read more….

 The 6 steps to a great strategically designed plan—completely laid out for you with planning ‘templates’
 21 components of an effective strategic plan
 8 worksheets to analyze and monitor your plan—so you’re sure it works
 Vision worksheet with examples
 Changes in the Environment worksheet to help you adjust for your shifting market in time to make more money
 Analyze your company/office’s strengths worksheet so you know how to capitalize on what you’re provided to save money
 Your review of business and projections so you can see how much money you’re going to make
 Lead generation sources worksheet so you can save money
 Worksheet: Internal sales effectiveness review so you can polish your sales skills
 Worksheet: Systems review so you can plan for effective time management and growth
 Worksheet: Analysis of your time and activities to assess your time management
 Worksheet: How to choose the ‘right moves’ for where you are in your career (The Career Life Cycle review)
 Worksheet: Motivational review
 9 examples of mission statements
 Worksheet: Mission statement (and how to write one)
 Worksheet and how to: Setting the right objectives
 Tracking your goals to “actuals” monthly worksheet
 Personal operating expenses worksheet
 The 4 steps to creating your budget
 Your real estate budget worksheet
 The 4 principles of how to spend your money (and how not to spend it)
 Lead Generation plan and worksheets to track your leads
 Your Weekly Scorecard—tracking what you did that week
 20 pages on creating an effective marketing plan
 A sample marketing plan
 Worksheet: Itemization of marketing tactics with dates and budget
 Worksheet: Tactical development of marketing plan

Canadian clients: You will be charged an additional Canadian government tariff, in addition to the regular UPS shipping charges from Carla Cross & Co.

I did create my first business plan at the end of last year, thanks to your wonderful business plan package which I ordered from you. So far, so good. There is still so much more for me to learn and do, that I feel I am only at the beginning stages of planning. You have taught me how to think things through, which I somehow didn't know how to do before. Thanks for everything! I really appreciate you, Carla. Sandy Palumbo
Carla Cross’s Business Planning System works. Following her concepts, I earned almost 6 figures in my first year as an agent. Her system has been an integral part of my business success ever since. Nada Sundermeyer, John L. Scott, Inc., Bellevue, Wa., #1 in sales for three years in a row in her 1430 agent company
  Here’s a resource that’s meant for both the salesperson and the broker-owner. I recommend it to agents, managers, and owners. John Jacobi, Founder Windermere Real Estate, Seattle, Washington (one of the largest and most successful regional franchises in the world)

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