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Managers' Coaching Companion to the On Track to Success System for Experienced Agents
Managers' Coaching Companion to the On Track to Success System for Experienced Agents Storefront > Managers' Resources > Coaching Resources

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Managers' Coaching Companion to the On Track to Success System for Experienced Agents
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This is the manager's coaching companion to the agent's game plan, The On Track to Success in 30 Days System for the Experienced Agent.

Purchase this coaching companion only if you already have the experienced agent's game plan.

In your Coaching Companion

2 audio CDs provide best coaching advice for managers. ‘Document CD’ includes 8 coaching documents, plus Excel spreadsheets to set goals and track your agents’ results.

105 pages 2 audio CDs 1 Document CD

Save money: Buy your agents’ game plan, On Track to Success in 30 Days System for Experienced Agents for $100 each when you buy at least 5 at a time.

Start Coaching Today

The “Get Started Now” quick start one-page gives you the steps to take right now to start coaching your experienced agents today. Put this program to work without lots of study.

Complete Coaching Guide

• 35 master coaching tips
• 8 critical forms to use to manage your agent—all on your document CD
• How to create standards (minimum expectations)
• 10 suggested standards for your agents
• How to use this tool for those in a slump
• How to use this tool to “de-hire”

3 CDs Provide Exceptional Training and Coaching

On 2 audio CDs, Carla coaches you, ‘the coach’. On the document CD, Carla provides all the forms you need to track your agent’s progress, including two new Excel spreadsheets.

There's more:

• The 6 proven attributes to raise production—built into this coaching companion
• Your manager’s prioritized job description and schedule so you can stay focused and on track (great for general managers to use)
• Worksheet: Areas in which to set standards, with recommendations for profits
• The 8 best interview questions to the experienced agent
• 2 evaluators to determine aptitude for being coached
• Specific recommendations: How to introduce coaching in the interview
• Example: Contract for a coaching agreement
• Example: Peer coach contract
• Recommendations: What to do if candidate won’t agree to coaching
• Schedule and frequency of coaching meetings
• Timeframe of coaching reviews
• Recommended topics and flow of the coaching meeting
• The 42 best coaching questions
• Worksheet: coach’s notes so you can track the agent’s progress
• The process to set goals
• The essentials of the coaching session
• 6 coach’s analysis tools to use during your coaching
• Worksheet: game plan analysis sheet
• Worksheets: setting yearly, monthly, and weekly goals
• Manager’s End of Month Analysis
• Agent’s End of Month Analysis
• How to hold a “Last Chance” coaching session
• Accountability Agreement form
• How to use your agent’s increased production as a recruiting tool

  I am a trainer with C. Dan Joyner, and I want to tell you how great the On Track products are. We took one chapter per week and used it as a guide to facilitate group discussions. For some, what began as a class where they had to attend, ended with a ‘WOW... I really learned a lot’. Thanks for the material, Carla!

Dohn Bower, Director of Career Development, Prudential C. Dan Joyner
I’m using On Track to Success in 30 Days as a training and coaching tool. My agents have increased their production dramatically, and are begging to get into this process.

Norm Tesch, Manager, Tomlinson Black Real Estate, Spokane, WA
I just got my On Track System and immediately used the chapter on attitude for a sales meeting. My agents loved it!

Cyd Gardner, Manager, Frank Howard Allen

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